Art Direction and Design Management
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I'm Lingy


From a little town in West Yorkshire, to London / Berlin / New York and now Hong Kong!

Design Manager with a demonstrated history in industry. Design professional doing a course with University of California, San Diego and recently obtained a Executive Certification in Digital Business and Innovation from The University of Hong Kong. Knowledge is power!

Throughout my employment history, I have had the pleasure to work with independent and start-up companies that have grown and flourished under their founders’ and team's devotion. In my roles, I have been responsible for maintaining creative integrity across platforms while remaining creative and pushing boundaries. Responsibilities have included directing photoshoots, to managing a team of fifteen designers, designing a marketing campaign and even orchestrating the Christmas party.

I balance my day job with personal creative work and hobbies such as weaving, calligraphy, knitting, yoga and running a small eCommerce business. 

The point of interest is how do we captivate our audience, and arrest our users? I love to instill a flicker of fire in users, from a product I've made. Knowing you charmed someone and made a personal connection is what keeps driving me!




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