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The cost of value

Today I paid $1800 HKD to see an allergy consultant for 30 minutes, and the follow-up appointment is going to cost $5000 HKD. My thoughts when hearing these prices were acceptance (while you may baulk at these charges, Hong Kong is costly to see specialists. I’ve learnt to stomach it and not to look at bank statements any more. One must do what they need to ensure their health is safeguarded) but when I got home and was thinking about it, I wondered why paying such money in this instance was “ok” - when my learning to play guitar has been halted by me not wanting to pay $5000 HKD on the guitar I would like/is a good investment. Funny how the costs against different values can be equal yet we seem to compromise on one thing but not the other.

It reminded me of this post by DeAndrew Sinette. It was an eyeopening reminder on where we chose our priorities, and that where you place your time/money determines that path you choose.

Lingy Chan